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Skeletal Poise: A Feldenkrais Workshop for Posture

Moshe Feldenkrais called the skeleton a “weightless structure” and believed that all human function (standing, sitting, walking), when performed efficiently, should feel effortless. Through this unique somatic process of Awareness Through Movement, we will begin to re-educate our nervous systems and learn new movement patterns to unlock increased potential.


Allison Linamen Is a Los Angeles based Feldenkrais practitioner with over 20 years of working in movement therapy and the performing arts. She helps those seeking guidance improve daily function and overcome chronic pain. Allison has extensive practice working with those diagnosed with Orthopedic conditions, MS, Stroke, Neuropathy, and other chronic conditions. She continues to seek out ways to educate others about the Feldenkrais Method and support them through the life changing process.

Everyone is welcome. No movement background necessary. Those with chronic pain and tension, as well as neurological, developmental and psychological concerns, can also find relief.